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CBD Hemp oil - useful properties
Hempseed oil Since in 1961 all plants of the hemp species began to be officially considered to contain narcotic drugs, they gradually ceased to sow cannabis, but they simply forgot about the useful properties of hemp oil. Hemp fields required so strict control that growing it became unprofitable - the protection took more money than could be obtained from the yield of the crop. Find healthy hemp oil reviews before you make an actual purchase.
Until this time, hemp was grown in large quantities, was the raw material for various industries, including food and pharmaceutical. After the adoption of the United UN Convention in 1961, the hemp was practically sown, although cannabis oil was produced in Russia from ancient times and until sunflower oil was used for nutrition and folk medicine. Even the seeds of cannabis were used in the same way as later sunflowers.
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The use of cannabis - a historical reference
The use of cannabis has a history, the roots of which go far into the centuries. She was written about it in ancient Chinese books, and in Ireland hemp was grown in about the fifth century, making oil and hemp used to make strong ropes and ropes. Since they were building sailing ships at that time, ropes and hemp ropes were in great demand for rigging.
Recently, despite the problems that arise in observance of all the requirements put forward by the authorities during the cultivation of cannabis, this branch of agriculture is gradually beginning to revive. There are people who believe that the useful properties of hemp oil are so great that completely refusing to grow this plant is a big mistake.
If desired, now on the shelves of shops and pharmacies you can find bottles of hemp oil, once a mundane product. You can use it just like any vegetable oil, for salads, cereals, vegetable dishes. The only restriction that exists with the use of hemp oil is not to be fried on it, but it is necessary to add it to ready-made meals.
Are E-cigarettes Bad for YOU???
At the Russki Vape exhibition, many well-known Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos performed with a magnificent report devoted to his research on the harm from electronic cigarettes in the cardio-surgical center where he works.
We talked with him and figured out the presentation, so we present you with a voluminous material about how wapping looks now in the light of recent research.
Electronic cigarettes are a new product in the world market, bringing new value to the consumer. This value is not only in the delivery of nicotine, but also in the satisfaction of psychological dependence - the exhalation ritual of smoke (in our case a couple).
World sales are growing exponentially. At the same time, this product is already used by millions, mostly young people. Due to the fact that the product is new and quite specific, any legislative regulation of the wapping should be based on a scientific approach to the study of the problem.
In the team of Constantinos Farsalinos there are two main methods for researching electronic cigarettes: laboratory and clinical. In the first case, the subject of the study is examined from the chemical point of view, whereas in the second case the results of the clinical trials are analyzed.
We all understand that the harm of electronic cigarettes is present; they are not useful and are not a means of delivering vitamins to our body. Therefore, one must understand that the target consumer of this product is smoking people who want to get rid of a bad habit or replace it with a healthier alternative.


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