Our Team's Adventures in 2017

Take a break from normal life

Beauty - a subjective concept, however, looking at the fascinatingly beautiful places on the Earth, created by nature itself, comes the realization that beauty is around us, and it is impossible to perceive it. Traditional tourist routes often do not cover a small part of what is created by the tandem of the most talented "architects" - time and nature. Survey of amazing in its aesthetics and unique features of the landscape of beautiful places on the planet will allow us to understand that true beauty does not have accessibility, but overcoming obstacles is worth it to see with your own eyes a real miracle - the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Lake Juiny in Bolivia

Undoubtedly, in the top of the most beautiful places in the world is this unique, the largest salt lake - the place where time slows down its course. Surprisingly, you can walk on its surface! In the rainy season, the Uyuni solonchak turns into a large-scale beautiful mirror area. At 3 km from the city of the same name, there is a cemetery, which was the last stop for many locomotives, once serving as vehicles for transporting minerals mined at local mines.


The surface of the salt marsh has become an optimal alternative to the ocean open spaces in the verification and adjustment of the operation of probing instruments on satellites in orbit. In the salt desert are entire islands, the flora of which are cacti. The spectacle is so contradictory and beautiful that it is unforgivable not to capture it with a camera!

2. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is the most beautiful national park in Italy in the east of the bohemian Riviera. This beautiful place is permeated with the spirit of the Italian Middle Ages. There are five small villages on the territory, the architecture of which is represented by protective buildings dating back to the time of pirate raids on this area. The reliable protection of the land was provided by a rocky coast, which is as picturesque as it is dangerous.


This beautiful corner is full of romance - stone beaches and narrow paths, one of which is the mysterious name "the road of love" and holds many legends about the noblest and temperamental inhabitants of Europe.